Odd wayy of thinkiag...

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Odd wayy of thinkiag...

Unread postby tbv67 » 2009-07-22T21:46:50+00:00

I have a question which can not be in the questions forum... because its odd.
I do not intend this to be in any way a desgcussion regarding balief structures or religiouse doctrines. Those things are your businesjs and right. As are mine, mine.
It started with a simple radio advertisement: " That tree's grow fruit that is just right for eating."
I could not agree. I see thins from the other direction. "That humanity has grown to enjoy the reproductive organs of plants."
OK, I see its pedantic and even foolish. But the way we look at thingas is important if its the truth you are looking for. Are we being dumbed down ? I might be wrong... Not like it would be the first time. Ohit looks silly now its been said.
Elsewhere in these pages I have been party to discussions of time travel. Realising that those discussions are partly to blame for this set of strange thinking. I can not see or understand how seemingly intelligent people can think it could ever be a possible outcome. A well reasoned response will be read and eccepted as a point of view that is different to mine. Thats ecceptable. , and expected. I await a response. [LINK REMOVED]

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