Plans regarding SveaFur

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Plans regarding SveaFur

Unread postby Grisha » 2006-07-17T17:57:15+00:00

We will continue to work on the forum and maybe start a webpage for SveaFur.

The goal of SveaFur is:

- to gather swedish furryfans on an open forum. Also englishspeaking fans who're intrested in getting in touch with swedish furryfans should be able to turn to it.
- to maybe be able to organize a Conference, which is present in Norway amongst others.
- to create a union with fans from all directions. There is an IRC-channel since ye olden times but there are many who don't want to download mIRC, or don't like chattchannels or any other reason. Therefore, we hope that a php-based forum is a good alternative for both sides.
- a nice place to meet and discuss. Simply.

I hope more will register even though the forum is still worked upon and has design planned. The more support the better!

-Grisha, pantythief and co-moderator extraordinaire.
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